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0 What is Administrative Law

Administrative law encompasses a variety of government agencies' regulations and legal procedures. These government entities operate at different levels that include federal, state, city and county.

The specific rules and regulations followed by such government entities involving commissions, boards, divisions and departments, are not found in any statutes. Administrative law, in simple terms may be stated as the law that helps to govern the administrative agencies.
Administrative law covers issues such as entitlement, regulatory and enforcements. Entitlement cases are related to a specific entitlement such as workers benefit or social security compensation being denied to a worker.

Regulatory issues may be concerned about new rule being introduced by any administrative agency and its conflict with the business, in such a case a businessman may approach to an administrative court.

Enforcement cases are related with a government agency initiating a case of enforcement on an individual, after he is found to violate any of the administrative laws.

Administrative law cases are dealt differently as compared to any criminal or civil case. Unlike the civil or criminal cases that are presented to a judge administrative law cases are presented to a council or a tribunal.

There are two types of government agencies namely executive agencies and independent agencies. Both these agencies differ in scope and power. The independent agencies are regulatory bodies such as tribunals and commissions. Executive agencies include the federal and state agencies and the various departments of the government.

There are two main functions of administrative law, rule making and legislation. However, there are two different agencies to take care of these functions. Executive agencies have the power to create and formulate a rule, amend rules and finally, if required to revoke the rule.

The independent agencies such as the tribunals and the commissions make sure that the enforcement of administrative law is under the regulatory standards.

Administrative law is a set of complex regulations and procedures that are developed to protect the right of the citizen about several issues on the customers' rights.  Administrative lawyers are one of the several types of lawyers who can provide expert assistance in the cases within the scope of administrative law.


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