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0 What to Select a Divorce Lawyer or a Divorce Mediator

Have you been going through a stressful married relation? Have you and your spouse have developed a few differences over a period of time since marriage? Do you find difficult to cope with them now. You are in a dilemma, whether to go for a divorce mediation or divorce proceedings in the court. This is the time, when you need to seek services from legal professionals, to come up with a solution to your problem.

Divorce mediators are legal professionals, who can guide his clients about the mutual resolutions possible for both of them, through mediation. He acts as a neutral facilitator and tackles issues such as child visitation and custody, spousal support or alimony money, and division of the property after divorce.

Is Divorce Mediator or Divorce Lawyer Better?

Although both of them may work to seek a favourable decision for the couple seeking divorce, there is a line of difference considering their job responsibilities. It is better to hire an attorney, as he is well versed with the divorce laws, and so is the mediator. However, unlike a mediator, an attorney represents you and understands specific aspects of the divorce law, so as to represent you in the court and argue on your behalf.

A divorce mediator will never represent you or your spouse, even if he is a lawyer. He just helps you both to have a common platform to speak about your divorce and mutual demands. He may have his own preferential ways to carry the mediation. The mediator may meet you separately or together. He then assists you to reach to an amicable decision with your spouse, related to the above discussed issues.

If you feel that you are a candidate for mediation, and you will be able to sort out the disputes and come to a mutual solution along with divorce, then you may be the right candidate for divorce mediation. In case, there is no possibility of a mutual solution to be sought, you should hire a divorce attorney.

Hence, whether you should go for a divorce lawyer to represent your divorce case, or you should seek legal services from a divorce mediator, depends upon your own preferences and mutual understanding with your spouse. No doubt, a divorce attorney are specialized types of lawyers and can give a better outcome, but then, some disadvantages include that you may have to go through severe financial and mental stress, during the judicial procedure.


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