Friday, 9 December 2011

0 Who is a Real Estate Lawyer?

Amongst various specialized types of lawyers, a real estate lawyer is the one who studies and practices real estate law. Such an attorney usually deals with transactions involving huge amount of money. These lawyers are responsible to make sure that the property dealings in a region or state follow the real estate laws of the particular state.

So, a real estate attorney will come in picture for transactions such as buying and selling of properties, issues such as unclear title of a property, un-notified damages faced by a buyer of the property, unclear lease papers of a property, or any discrepancies in the description of the property dealt with.

A real estate lawyer finishes law school graduation and selects real estate law as elective course in the law school. After this he selects to practice real estate law as a field of expertise. This specialized knowledge helps the lawyer in serving people with property issues such as agreement review, preparing contract acts, represent client in the court of law, and property litigations.

Large corporations, which have huge land holdings and are involved in its sale or purchase dealings, then they may hire a real estate attorney. This makes sure that the property dealings of the corporation goes through its real estate attorney, who makes sure that all the property related to rules and regulations are met by the organization.

Such attorneys are experts in the real estate law and can understand the complexity to make sure that clients involved in the property dealings comply with the rules and ensure that mistakes are arrested before they are made.

Real estate lawyers can be divided into different types, depending upon the types of cases, handled by them. Litigation real estate lawyers are mainly concerned with the property buying and selling. Whereas, administrative real estate lawyers are involved in verifying and validating the documents involved in a real estate transaction.

A real estate lawyer is a person, who will help you with the legal formalities to bring your dream come true for a 'sweet home'. You can count on his legal expertise to carry out the rigorous documentation and provide you guidance about your rights and responsibilities in a real estate transaction.


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