Wednesday, 28 March 2012

0 Why Do You Hire a Criminal DUI Lawyer?

Every state in the United States considers drinking and driving as a serious offence and levies heavy penalties in several forms. You will be surprised to know that you may not even be drunk to be pulled over for DUI charges. It’s just that if you are not capable enough to operate the vehicle as per traffic laws based on the blood alcohol levels in your body, you can be charged guilty of DUI charges.

Every state may have a different blood alcohol content level allowed as per the laws. However, the usual limit allowed by most of the states in America, is 0.08. If you are caught for DUI charges, you will definitely regret your act of drinking and driving. However, thinking of representing self in the court of law may be even more regretting.

Even though, you may be confident about your case, but do not forget that without an expert legal advice, you may have to face severe penalties. This justifies one of the basic reasons to hire a criminal DUI lawyer, one of the specialized types of lawyers, for your case. He is the one, who can save you from being slapped with optimum penalties, and being convicted.

More than anything else, a legal expert has specialized knowledge of the laws, he is practising. You can never overrule his legal expertise. Hence, when you are in difficult situations with DUI laws, no one other than a criminal DUI lawyer can help you to explain the legal options available to you. Along with explaining the various legal strategies and options available to you, he will run you through the possible legal consequences.

You can then select the best suitable option as per your convenience. You can decide to plead guilty and ask for concession in the penalty. However, in case you decide to plead not guilty and take the case to a trial court, criminal DUI lawyer will be of crucial help to you. In a trial case, police authorities and the public prosecutor is keen to convict you and get maximum penalty for you.

Your criminal DUI lawyer has to build a strong defense to shield you from being convicted. He should have excellent persuasive skills to bring the case in your favor. A drinking and driving charge is difficult to defend without legal expertise.

However, before you consider hiring a private criminal DUI lawyer for your case, you need to take a note of several aspects such as financial condition and selecting the best attorney. If the financial condition does not allow you to bear the charges of a private criminal DUI lawyer, you may let the public defender defend your case.

A public defender may not be as competitive as an experienced private DUI lawyer. Unlike a public defender, a private DUI lawyer will do every legal move possible to win the case for you and of course for their goodwill too. However, hiring just any private DUI lawyer will do no good either. Be observant and thoughtful while selecting an experienced DUI lawyer to handle your case.


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