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0 What makes a Good Lawyer?

A lawyer with good number of wins and a great reputation to his credit is undoubtedly a good lawyer. However, to get this at the first place, a lawyer has to have strong skill sets that make him the most promising lawyer.

So to answer a question, what makes a good lawyer, I will say, a high professional 'lawyering' skill set is what is the most important, and a person needs to invest a good amount of time before he can prove to be a good lawyer.

There are Different types of lawyers and everyone has a different knowledge and expertise at disposal to serve the best to their clients so as to win the case for the client and their mutual benefit.

When a lawyer wins a case, he/she gets reputation and goodwill accredited to the name and also client satisfaction, which is the most important for one to grow in this career.

Qualities of a Good Lawyer

There are a few qualities and professional abilities that make a lawyer good:
  • Word Power: A lawyer has to have strong oral and verbal communication skills and word power is the most effective power that one in legal field has to employ. A person should be able to express his client's case in the most appealable manner and be clear, concise and persuasive at the same time. 
  • Listening Skills: Speaking is very important to put across the client view and case in the most appealing manner, being a good listener, and proactive at the same time is also important. 
  • Analytical Skills: The job of a lawyer includes reviewing complex legal documents and interpretation of the same. A good lawyer has to be efficient and logical to structure the case proceeding depending on the documentation available and the facts provided. He/she should have strong problems solving abilities and should be able to structure the arguments in a correct flow. 
  • Work Ethics: While a person has required educational knowledge of the law, it is also equally important that he/she is able to implement it in an impartial and efficient manner. A good lawyer has to follow the work related ethics and set a discipline in front of the client. He should be able to do justice to his studies and act independently. 
  • Miscellaneous: A few other important qualities of a person to become a good lawyer are he/she should be confident and honest. A lawyer has to manage the time well to become successful. He/he should also possess the technological skills and efficient written skills.How to become a good lawyer or to answer what makes a good lawyer is not important as it is subjective matter and there is no hard or fast rule that works for legal career seekers to become successful or 'good lawyers'.


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