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Similar to doctors, even lawyers specialize in a particular area. Whether you are planning to join a law school or hiring a lawyer to handle your case, make sure that you are aware about the different types of lawyers. There are several categories of lawyers across the world to help you with all sorts of cases, from major to minor. It is a little difficult to list all the types of lawyers that specialize in a particular law. At the same time, there are some general lawyers that can deal with any type of cases, but if you want assurance of winning the case, then hiring a specialized lawyer is a brilliant option.

Once you figure out which type of lawyer is optimal for handling your case, you can look towards hiring one. These days, there are ample of options on your table to pick for a good lawyer. Find the one that is out to deal as per your interest and need and not just as per the interest of their pocket. If you have a doubt in selecting the right lawyer you can refer the legal counsel aid program.

What are the types of lawyers?
Check out some different types of lawyers that specialize in their area of law:
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer: These lawyers specialize in criminal laws. Any crime that reports a court case is tackled by this lawyer.
  • Assault Lawyer: This type of lawyer specializes in both, civil and criminal assault cases. They sometimes specialize in a civil lawyer assault or a criminal lawyer assault.
  • Administrative Lawyers: These types of lawyers administer all the legal issues that occur within the judicial system of a particular city. They know all the legislations and regulations that go on in a city.
  • Civil Lawyer: They deal with all types of civil and domestic disputes. Anything that cannot be formally categorized as a crime is handled with simple lawyer or civil lawyer.
  • Divorce Lawyer: Although counseling is a helpful option for married people, still around 60 percent of cases end up in a divorce.  Divorce lawyers assist the people for filing a divorce case; they are basically up to date with all the legal procedures related to child custody, family law, child support etc. A Divorce lawyer needs to be aware of the impact of the other laws that are allied with the field of estate and planning regarding the allotment of alimony, property, domestic violence, marital disputes and other related issues.
  • Business lawyer: If you are planning to establish a small business, then you will need a business lawyer as a crucial part of your team. They are able to explain a number of legal practices related with your business, such as where to get a shop and what are your confines.
  • Securities Lawyers: They are enough knowledgeable about handling your legal practices allied with the trading of shares and stock market.
    Check out the list of some more types of lawyers:
    • Bankruptcy lawyers
    • Workers Compensation Lawyer
    • Personal Injury Lawyer
    • Consumer Fraud Lawyer
    • Defense Lawyer
    • Employment Lawyer
    • Property Insurance Lawyer
    • Health Insurance Lawyer
    • Life Insurance Lawyer
    • Immigration Lawyer
    • International Lawyer
    • Malpractice Lawyer
    • Child Support Lawyer
    • Fraud Lawyer
    • Social Security Lawyer
    • Medical Malpractice Lawyer
    • Patent Lawyer
    • Compensation Lawyer
    This is just a list of different types of lawyers. You can consult a pre-law advisor in order to get the right type of lawyer to help you win your case.


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