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0 A Step by Step Guide about How to Become a Lawyer

You may be motivated by the high remunerations that lawyers draw, and may aspire to become one of the renowned lawyers in town. To get into the legal profession, you will have to put in your best and follow a step by step guide about how to become a lawyer. A penchant to find out the truth behind the obvious, dedication to the profession and a thorough knowledge of the changing legal scenario are some of the most essential qualifications of a good lawyer.

So, if you too happen to be one of the curious students aspiring for a legal profession, then here is a step by step guide to help you achieve your goal and practice law as several types of lawyers:
  • The first thing you need to do is, graduate from a reputed school. However, not because you have to pursue a legal career but to earn a job, you will need to complete the bachelor's degree from a reputed university. During graduation, you need to be highly dedicated and prepare yourself for the complex studies in future. Study hard to get good grade point average in order to grab a handsome career in a firm.
  • The second step towards the legal professional career is sitting for a specialized test, LSAT (law school admission test) to determine the admission to a law school. 180 or above is considered as a good score to assure you admission to a reputed law school. If you could not score well in the test, then you may think of taking it again.
  • With a good LSAT score, you are a step closer to your legal profession. Apply to multiple law schools and wait for the result. Once you get admission to a law school, study hard, do the homework and assignments well to build analytical skills. Choose the specialization subject as per your interest. Taking internships with law firms that serve in your field of specialization will help you get a good hold on the subject.
  • Once you finish the law school graduation, the next step to get going with your legal career is to sit for the bar examination of the state, where you plan to practice law.
If you are wondering about how to become a lawyer, you have a step by step guide given above for your reference. You may follow these steps and give your best to fulfill your wish to enter the legal profession.


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