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0 How to find a reliable bankruptcy attorney?

Bankruptcy is considered to be one of the complicated areas of law, so filers are required to be careful when they plan to file bankruptcy in the district court. If you fail to produce proper documents, then your petition may not be approved by the court. Therefore, it is advisable to take assistance of an expert bankruptcy lawyer who can guide you regarding the basics of chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy.

A proficient lawyer can advise you on the necessary documentations and paperwork you need to support your case. He is aware of the local court rules and procedures; therefore he can answer any critical queries you may have regarding the process along the way.

Therefore, you need to find a dexterous lawyer who can handle your case properly. Here are a few basic points that you are required to keep in mind while selecting the right bankruptcy attorney:

1. Specialization:
Make sure the lawyer you choose to handle your case is trained as well as experienced in bankruptcy cases. He is required to have a specialization in the type of bankruptcy you want to file like personal, commercial, business and agricultural.

2. Experience:
Before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer ensure he is experienced in managing bankruptcy cases. If he is actively practising bankruptcy law for several years then he can provide immediate assistance for unique cases with his experience and knowledge.

Make sure you find local lawyers who understand the local rules, the Trustees' preferences, the local judge's rulings and how to deal skilfully with the local creditor attorneys. You need to verify the record of successful bankruptcy filing of the attorneys whom you have short listed.

3. Reasonable fees:
Fee of the bankruptcy lawyer is often exorbitant, so it can burn a whole in your pocket. Therefore, it is a wise decision to check the fee charged by the bankruptcy attorney you choose. Make sure the fee he is charging is fair and affordable to pay off. You should keep in mind a good bankruptcy lawyer can help you save more than you have to pay in fees. Try to avoid rock-bottom fees as they are indications of poor services or an unreliable firm. Your lawyer might charge upfront fee before filing bankruptcy, so you should be prepared for it.

4. Credit repair:
Make sure the lawyer you're hiring can guide you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. A proficient lawyer will help you disputing credit report errors. Some deft attorneys go to an extent to provide a list of bankruptcy friendly lenders. Look for a lawyer who offers counselling session, so that you avoid getting into debt in future.

Therefore, keep the above mentioned points in mind while looking for a dexterous attorney.

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